A Guide to Selecting Mobile Marketing Companies That Produce Results

There are many things to look for when attempting to select a mobile app marketing firm who's right for you. However there are 3 resounding differences between those who produce and those who sell lip service. Here's the top 3 below

1.) One of the most effective methods of driving sustainable traffic to your app is getting it to rank high within the app store. Ranking high within the app store not just for any keywords but the ones that produce the most targeted traffic. Therefore the firm you select needs to be extremely adapt at mining and analyzing keyword data. Most firms without an SEO background will have a hard time competing with those of us who've been living off of our abilities to select winners.

2.) The 2nd thing to look for is firms who have PPC or (pay-per-click) experience. When it comes to traffic and downloads the 2nd most powerful weapons is mobile advertising. It's almost identical to the skillsets of PPC with a twist and a bit more targeting options by device type which make a difference. Therefore it's imperative to select a company with a strong background and experience in PPC and online display advertising.

3.) The 3rd most important factor in your selection should be proof. The more testimonials, references and examples of a firms abilities is the key to ensuring you find the right one. Nothing is more important than solid undeniable truth.

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